A Learning Community (LC) is a group of students who share common academic interests, live together in a residence hall, participate in activities together and are also enrolled in a cluster of related courses.

  • to find help and encouragement from folks living around you
  • to have a more enriching and meaningful college experience
  • to have FUN!
  • for increased access to faculty
  • to make friends with people who share your same interests

Many functions within a particular LC are optional - thus students are often not required to attend. Students are generally free to choose those activities that best fit within their respective schedules. However, it's important to understand that any activity - be it an LC, an intramural team, or a club - is only as good as the time and energy you are willing to put into it. So, the more energy and effort you contribute to your LC and your peers, the more rewarding this experience will be.

No. Each living and learning community has a separate academic director and its own selection process. The individuals making the selection decisions have no knowledge of which other communities you applied to. The more programs you apply to, the better your chances of being accepted into one of them.

Yes. Most residence halls will have a limited number of spaces for non-LC students.

No. The living and learning communities are placed in designated buildings. It is more important that you select an LC based on your interests and goals.

You will be notified by via e-mail about your LC acceptance. Please watch your university assigned e-mail address (@huskies.bloomu.edu) for your acceptance and other important e-mails. Your actual housing assignment and roommate information will be available on ISIS in early August. Specific hall and room placements are not available until that time.

It varies from community to community whether you will have the opportunity to return to your LC as an upperclassman. Some LCs are only designed for first-year students. Check with your LC's faculty director.

Yes! All LC courses earn credit toward graduation. Check with your LC faculty director for more details.

  • preview the LC choices and identify those that you like
  • learn more about each LC from its specific website
  • In addition to the Housing/Food Service Agreement (required of all on-campus students) you will also fill out the LC application OR LC Preference Form
  • for increased access to faculty
  • contact the faculty director of your program of choice

There are several. Students in their sophomore year and beyond can serve as Community Assistants in the living and learning residence halls. Some LCs provide the opportunity for upperclassmen to serve as peer mentors to next year's incoming class. Contact the faculty director of your LC for more information.

You can room with someone outside of your LC. If your roommate is not a member of any LC, they will live with you in your LC residence hall. However, both of you must request each other as roommate on the Residence Life website under "MyHousing".

If you want to room with a student in a different LC than your own, you must decide together which LC residence hall you will live in. Once you've decided which one you’ll be living in, email the LC office to let them know, and request each other as roommates with Residence Life. These requests can be made on the "MyHousing" application.

You may already be accepted into an LC. Don’t worry if it doesn’t show up right away on when you complete your “MyHousing” application. The LC process is separate and needs to be updated manually. Please watch for e-mails from your university assigned e-mail address (@huskies.bloomu.edu) for information about the LC you’ve chosen.